Painting en plein air
Painting en plein air
Wild flowers

My name is Daniel Pintilei and I'm from România. I was raised and currently live in Bosanci, a beautiful village with lots of hills, located in the northeast, in Suceava, and there is where I usually paint, en plein air.

I studied at the "George Enescu" National University of Arts in România. I began with studying graphic design but after the first year I switched to painting. In high school I studied computer science so when I decided I wanted to become a concept artist and illustrator, in my final year, I had to catch up.
Although I always loved art and was among the first to finish art assignments in school and I had a graphics tablet with which I used to digitally paint and sculpt, it wasn't until that final year of high school that I thought about pursuing an art career. I also loved video games, so I decided I wanted to work in that industry.

In my last year studying at the university, I found Jesus, the Messiah, and I became His follower. It was a life changing spiritual experience, the one Nicodemus found hard to understand, which among others, opened my eyes to what the entertainment industry really is. And so I gave up worldly entertainment together with my dream and began a new journey.

Now I enjoy spending time in nature, this wonderful gift we often neglect, and I try to inspire.