One year


It's been about one year since I started painting again in a long time, now full time and plein air only.

Today, like in many of my plein air adventures, after finishing my painting I decided to explore the area more for finding future painting spots.

I began walking straight on the road I just painted and turned left when I met a wall of corn. I turned left and not right because the hills to my right were lit amazingly by the soon setting sun and I didn't want to get too close to them.

After some more walking I turned left again because that was the only option and began wondering if i'm walking on a road. Soon I had to choose, like so many times in life, to go back or to continue. I chose to continue through the wild vegetation which soon gave place to a sunflower field.

Now I began to struggle through the dense, dried and rough sunflower field which seemed to have no ending. Like in hard situations in life, I wondered: "does this have no end?" and "wasn't going back a better idea?".

After I managed to get to the end of the field I found the answers to my questions: "of course it has an end" and "no, I learned something from this".